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VarioWatch: Providing Large-Scale and Comprehensive Annotations on Human Genomic Variants in the Next Generation Sequencing Era
Cheng, Y.C., Hsiao, F.C., Yeh, E.C., Lin, W.J., Tang, Louis, Tseng, H.C., Wu, H.T., Liu, C.K., Chen, C.C., Chen, Y.T., and Yao, Adam (2012) VarioWatch: providing large-scale and comprehensive annotations on human genomic variants in the next generation sequencing era doi:10.1093/nar/gks397 Full Text

FANS: Functional Analysis of Novel SNPs and Mutations in Human and Mouse Genomes
C.K. Liu, Y.H. Chen, C.Y. Tang, S.C. Chang, Y.J. Lin, M.F. Tsai, Y.T. Chen and Adam Yao (2008) Functional analysis of novel SNPs and mutations in human and mouse genomes, BMC Bioinformatics, 9(Suppl 12):S10 doi:10.1186/1471-2105-9-S12-S10 Full Text

VisualSNP : Robust Functional SNP Prioritization Tool


PrimerZ: Streamlining Primer Design for Genes and SNPs
Tsai, M.F., Lin, Y.J., Cheng, Y.C., Lee, K.H., Huang, C.C., Chen, Y.T. and Yao, Adam (2007) PrimerZ: streamlined primer design for promoters, exons and human SNPs, Nucleic Acids Research, doi:10.1093/nar/gkm383 Full Text


QualiSeq: Quality Genomic Sequence Retrieval
Yu-Chang Cheng, Tz-Chao Lin, Kuo-His Lee, Yan-Hau Chen, Ming-Fang Tsai, Yi-Jung Lin, and Adam Yao (2006) Qualiseq: Quality Genomic Sequence Retrieval, JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY PDF


Affyrmation: Affymetrix SNP Chip Marker Affirmation
Chen, Y.H., Tsai, M.F. and Yao, A. (2006) Affyrmation: Online Real-time Affirmation and Annotation for Affymetrix SNP Information, JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY PDF

Terms of Use:
All of the sub-project including VarioWatch, PrimerZ, QualiSeq, Affyrmation, GenoWatch, VisualSNP, FANS, SeqTool, and PathWatch in GenePipe are free for academic, nonprofit, and personal use only. For commercial use, please contact us (e-mail) for the details.